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my boss told me today that my position will most likely be cut this may. 

tomorrow the head of human resources will come by with a letter to tell me that.

i will be offered another job teaching language arts at the high school.  it's like my worst nightmare coming true. 

i run a profitable online program serving more than 20 kids.  20 kids who would otherwise be dropouts.  20 kids who chose to do online schoolwork because they could not, for whatever reason, and believe you me there are myriad reasons, they could not manage school in a traditional setting.  every single one of my students is fragile and will now mostly likely become dropouts because their rugs are being pulled out from under them.  


fuckity fuck fuck.
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and april fools!  i love google for their april fools every year they do something even more creative and nutty. this year they've created an ai--a gmail autopilot.  and a very elaborate back-up series of webpages to support their silliness.  it's geekery at its finest.   here's hoping that the april 1st fairy doesn't slap you in the face today!  

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just spent such a nice afternoon with [ profile] absolute_tash who is an even bigger doll in person than she is online.  what a nice thing to get to finally meet such a dear friend.   it kinda makes me want to give the interweb a great big ole smooch!   we went to mimi's where i had yummy french onion soup sans onions and then to borders where i purchased some hannibal lecter reading and we perused all the graphic novels they had on their shelves and then to nordstrom rack where i tried on so many beautiful pairs of high-heeled shoes that my heart nearly broke.  oh for a life in which i could actually use such fripperies!   tash almost bought (and i was no help at all steering her away from this) a drop-dead gorgeous pair of lace-up knee-high black leather boots with this beeootifool louis xiv heel, but she wisely desisted, figuring she needs to eat in london not just be there.   smart girl!  then we came back home where she tutored me in the art of torrenting.  finally.  i think i get it.  and today i made an executive decision to go to full liquids one day early, so i'm having delicious protein drinks that almost taste like food and sugar-free pudding!!!  also i feel pretty good.  i only had to take some tylenol late this afternoon and that is great progress!    now i am very tired and will watch my dl'ed ep of lost and go to sleep! 

bonne nuit, cher internet!

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hey gang!
all's well in puerta vallarta.  today i was cleared for clear liquids--you have no idea how amazing one damn ice chip is.  a little bit of cold heaven in your mouth!  they took the drain out of my tummy (grosssss--i didn't watch) and i am now the proud owner of a successful gastric bypass.  my spanish has also gotten pretty good in the course of all this.  especially around asking for pain meds!  the staff has been super good overall and it's been a pretty bizarre, surreal, and positive time.   tomorrow i get to go to the hotel and be out of this place!   4 nights in a hospital is 4 too many if you ask me.  but everything's good and i'm feeling pretty well.  even vaguely approaching normal.  so how are you guys?

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post-surgery--all is well.  i'm sore but ok and getting by.

thanks for all your sweet wishes.
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hey there all
made it with almost no problems to pv.  if you can run the gauntlet of salesmen trying desperately to get to you buy some adventure package or a timeshare, you win a prize at the end....the prize being you find your pre-paid taxi who very kindly escorts you to an air-conditioned cab and gets to you to your hotel.  

there was a little snag as we discovered upon check-in that i'm supposed to be in the hospital for 4 nights instead of the understood 2 which meant my cousin sara was out a hotel room for those 4 nights.  and more importantly i'm in the hospital for 4 nights!  eep.   the program makes the assumption that  companions will stay in the hospital room, but i'd been told by the stateside coordinator that the sleeping arrangements in the rooms were really uncomfortable and so sara said she wanted a hotel room.  on my dime.  and she was being super-pushy about it.  so i'd agreed figuring it was only an extra $200, but then all of a sudden i'm facing another $200, and it was just too much, so i argued with the mexican coordinator for awhile (sara pushing me and telling me to keep arguing) but made no progress. finally i just said i can't deal with this right now (no sleep and no food makes julia a dull girl) and we went to the hotel room.  then the coordinator called and told me she'd switched hospitals for us so we could have the deluxe room.  so hopefully it'll all work out ok and i won't have to pay for the extra hotel at all!  we'll see.   anyway i digressed into the boring minutiae.  

this place is gorgeous.  palm trees and beautiful architecture and seriously right on the beach.  and there's a large cobalt blue tiled wading pool right outside the door of our building.  gorgeous paving stones everywhere you walk and little feral beggars kitties try to charm your socks off to get some food.  we sat in a terraced-restaurant and watched the parasailers (-ors?) float around and marveled at the ridonkulosity of the spring break hard bodies of which there are oodles.  i got a good night's sleep after a huge meal of chicken broth (yeah don't you wish you were me?)  and feel better though a little shaky this morning.   can't eat or drink anything til after surgery so i'm just gonna be a little dried out.  

i'm a bit nervous and just wish it were tomorrow already so the surgery'd be over and done with and i could just get on with getting strong and getting onto the beach!!  

so i'll stop for now and get re-packed for the hospital. i'm assuming no wifi in the hospital so i'll be incommunicado til sunday.  wish me luck and i'll see you all on the flipside!
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 yep i filed.  all done for another year.  dudes, makes it so freakin' easy.  it took me 20 minutes.  granted i have super-simple finances but still.  20 minutes to do your taxes, that's all right!

i've been so busy today getting all the ducks in a row for leaving on tuesday.  got the requisite manipedi without which i cannot travel.  and my brother came with the boys and he fixed my beautiful bed.  so all's well.  now i think i'm going to get in that bed and go to sleep.

nighty night, all.

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hell yeah!

yes today is the final day of the quarter and the sky is blue (ish) outside.  my report cards are largely done and sitting with the secretary.  i have to calculate my mileage for reimbursement and then i am outta here! 

so some of you know this and some of you don't but here's the big reveal:  i am leaving on tuesday march 17 for puerta vallarta where, on march 18th, i will have gastric bypass surgery.  now don't freak out.  i've researched a ton and found a great doctor with a good rep and good numbers on, you know, morbidity rates and pos-surgical complications and things like that.  the hospital looks great--i've seen pictures and everything is going swimmingly in preparation for the trip.  but i wanted to let you know so you can all send me those good thoughts and energies and yes, even prayers (cause i know some of you do that and have a really good in with the ptb's).  i'll be in the hospital the night of the 18 and 19 and then in a hotel with wifi(!) til march 26.  then i'm going with my cousin, who's traveling with me, back to her home in southern california where i'll spend another week recouperating and hanging out with [ profile] absolute_tash and maybe [ profile] wovenindelibly  (what what?).  back in portland on april 2!    so i'll definitely try to keep you updated as i progress.  and sometime when i get brave, i'll even post photos.  the surgery is laparoscopic so the recoup time is quick(er) and i'm hoping i'll even be able to take advantage of the beach my hotel is on.   my bases are covered, you guys, i've done all the research, asked all the right questions, and yes this is the right thing for me.  i'm very excited to embark upon a new part of my life and glad to have all y'all along for the ride!

yesterday i got pesos and travelers cheques; saturday i get the pre-travel pedicure; sunday i'm meeting my housesitter; monday is my extra-special 3rd birthday dinner with enzo (his b-day is actually wednesday but i'll be in surgery so....) and tuesday i leave!! 

well there's my bombshell!  what's up with you guys?


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