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i'm so back into law and order: svu.  seriously mainlining the show.  i can't turn it off.  damn you, netflix, and bless you too for instant viewing and for having the entire series online.  it makes my life so much easier and yet so much more sedentary!   the only thing i've done today other than watch episode after episode is shower (and troll for chris/marish rpf--sue me, i love it).  so at least i'm clean.  and watching meloni in a bathrobe seems like a good thing to do anyway. 

in other less silly news, my band solid state had our first little gig last night.  we played the birthday party of this woman i don't know, set up in the living room and rocked the house.  i was incredibly nervous but it was pretty awesome.  you know, if i do say so myself.  i only forgot lyrics in one song and covered admirably.  so admirably in fact that my band mates didn't even notice.   it was a fun night and now that i've got the first gig out of the way i feel ready to hit the bars.  i love my band!  if you want to check us out a teeny bit you can check out our myspace.  the songs are poorly recorded, just a digital recorder set in the middle of the basement where we practice and i had a cold (!), but you can get an idea of our sound at least.   and if you have a myspace feel free to friend us.  we could use all the help we can get.  /begging.

so that's me.  how are you guys?

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so i spent the entire of last weekend participating in an imago workshop called getting the love you want.  and it was hardcore, people.  lots of very serious thinking about past partners and past hurts and trying to do some healing so we can move on and find that right person!  suffice to say, i am exhausted.  and i was exhausted before i began, so even though i went to bed at 9 each night, i'm still feeling it.  damn you, three week cold!

what else?  i'm still working my way through lo:svu (nearly done with season 4) and still loving it.  it's hard to only watch one episode at a time....oh!  [ profile] surreallis  and [ profile] trillingstar , you'll be super glad to hear i had my first meloni-related dream this weekend too!  well done me!  except here it is: i was at a con and all of a sudden he was standing next to me and i said: um i just have to say i'm a little in love with you.  and dream!meloni got a little freaked out and i think i spent the rest of the dream trying to get him to see that i wasn't a stalker or inclined to steal his used kleenex but just an earnest fan.  i don't think it ever worked.  sigh.  what kind of a dream is that?   where's the walk-on role or the hot 'n heavy sessy or the married to meloni dream that i'm owed?  huh?  you'd think that being such a big fan and all, i'd get the good dreams.....crap.  maybe i just need to read more fic!

i've been beta-reading this really terrific story by [ profile] annerbhp  called down here among the wreckage and it's getting really, really good (it was already really good) and i love it!  i don't usually pimp wips that i'm beta'ing but this one is really so good.  super dark 'n angsty sg1 au the way it ought to be.  one of the best things about this au is that it is so well-rooted in canon.  it makes total sense and could absolutely happen.  [ profile] annerbhp  knows her team!  if you like sg1 angst you should check this one out! 

well i guess i should do some work.  or failing that, see what you guys have been up to!  what have you been doing lately?

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 so there are a couple of you who will appreciate this.  the opening scene in execution when stabler and huang are questioning brodus in his cell?  the first lines are: "how do you remember your first time?"  and you hear huang say: "fondly."  and then stabler answers the question with the same: "fondly."  and i was totally confused because huh?  mukada's a priest and a virgin, right?  how could he remember his first time?  and then i realized i was watching svu but thinking i was watching oz!  i mean keller er meloni, er stabler!  and a jail cell.  and mukada i mean huang....and it all came clear to me.  it's freakin' confusing sometimes to have all these crossover oz guest stars on svu, dammit!  i mean i know huang isn't a guest star but criminy.  give a girl break, ok?   i think that's what they call cognitive dissonance....and it's only getting worse.

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coincidence?  i like to think not!   thoughts?  comments?  


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