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i'm so back into law and order: svu.  seriously mainlining the show.  i can't turn it off.  damn you, netflix, and bless you too for instant viewing and for having the entire series online.  it makes my life so much easier and yet so much more sedentary!   the only thing i've done today other than watch episode after episode is shower (and troll for chris/marish rpf--sue me, i love it).  so at least i'm clean.  and watching meloni in a bathrobe seems like a good thing to do anyway. 

in other less silly news, my band solid state had our first little gig last night.  we played the birthday party of this woman i don't know, set up in the living room and rocked the house.  i was incredibly nervous but it was pretty awesome.  you know, if i do say so myself.  i only forgot lyrics in one song and covered admirably.  so admirably in fact that my band mates didn't even notice.   it was a fun night and now that i've got the first gig out of the way i feel ready to hit the bars.  i love my band!  if you want to check us out a teeny bit you can check out our myspace.  the songs are poorly recorded, just a digital recorder set in the middle of the basement where we practice and i had a cold (!), but you can get an idea of our sound at least.   and if you have a myspace feel free to friend us.  we could use all the help we can get.  /begging.

so that's me.  how are you guys?

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you guys.  i just ate (most of) my first hard-boiled egg since surgery and boy oh boy was it delicious!   progress!!  we are making progress!!

also i see that i have the nice round number of 700 messages hanging out here at ljland.   that feels worthy of noting. 
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my boss told me today that my position will most likely be cut this may. 

tomorrow the head of human resources will come by with a letter to tell me that.

i will be offered another job teaching language arts at the high school.  it's like my worst nightmare coming true. 

i run a profitable online program serving more than 20 kids.  20 kids who would otherwise be dropouts.  20 kids who chose to do online schoolwork because they could not, for whatever reason, and believe you me there are myriad reasons, they could not manage school in a traditional setting.  every single one of my students is fragile and will now mostly likely become dropouts because their rugs are being pulled out from under them.  


fuckity fuck fuck.
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just spent such a nice afternoon with [ profile] absolute_tash who is an even bigger doll in person than she is online.  what a nice thing to get to finally meet such a dear friend.   it kinda makes me want to give the interweb a great big ole smooch!   we went to mimi's where i had yummy french onion soup sans onions and then to borders where i purchased some hannibal lecter reading and we perused all the graphic novels they had on their shelves and then to nordstrom rack where i tried on so many beautiful pairs of high-heeled shoes that my heart nearly broke.  oh for a life in which i could actually use such fripperies!   tash almost bought (and i was no help at all steering her away from this) a drop-dead gorgeous pair of lace-up knee-high black leather boots with this beeootifool louis xiv heel, but she wisely desisted, figuring she needs to eat in london not just be there.   smart girl!  then we came back home where she tutored me in the art of torrenting.  finally.  i think i get it.  and today i made an executive decision to go to full liquids one day early, so i'm having delicious protein drinks that almost taste like food and sugar-free pudding!!!  also i feel pretty good.  i only had to take some tylenol late this afternoon and that is great progress!    now i am very tired and will watch my dl'ed ep of lost and go to sleep! 

bonne nuit, cher internet!

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 yep i filed.  all done for another year.  dudes, makes it so freakin' easy.  it took me 20 minutes.  granted i have super-simple finances but still.  20 minutes to do your taxes, that's all right!

i've been so busy today getting all the ducks in a row for leaving on tuesday.  got the requisite manipedi without which i cannot travel.  and my brother came with the boys and he fixed my beautiful bed.  so all's well.  now i think i'm going to get in that bed and go to sleep.

nighty night, all.

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hell yeah!

yes today is the final day of the quarter and the sky is blue (ish) outside.  my report cards are largely done and sitting with the secretary.  i have to calculate my mileage for reimbursement and then i am outta here! 

so some of you know this and some of you don't but here's the big reveal:  i am leaving on tuesday march 17 for puerta vallarta where, on march 18th, i will have gastric bypass surgery.  now don't freak out.  i've researched a ton and found a great doctor with a good rep and good numbers on, you know, morbidity rates and pos-surgical complications and things like that.  the hospital looks great--i've seen pictures and everything is going swimmingly in preparation for the trip.  but i wanted to let you know so you can all send me those good thoughts and energies and yes, even prayers (cause i know some of you do that and have a really good in with the ptb's).  i'll be in the hospital the night of the 18 and 19 and then in a hotel with wifi(!) til march 26.  then i'm going with my cousin, who's traveling with me, back to her home in southern california where i'll spend another week recouperating and hanging out with [ profile] absolute_tash and maybe [ profile] wovenindelibly  (what what?).  back in portland on april 2!    so i'll definitely try to keep you updated as i progress.  and sometime when i get brave, i'll even post photos.  the surgery is laparoscopic so the recoup time is quick(er) and i'm hoping i'll even be able to take advantage of the beach my hotel is on.   my bases are covered, you guys, i've done all the research, asked all the right questions, and yes this is the right thing for me.  i'm very excited to embark upon a new part of my life and glad to have all y'all along for the ride!

yesterday i got pesos and travelers cheques; saturday i get the pre-travel pedicure; sunday i'm meeting my housesitter; monday is my extra-special 3rd birthday dinner with enzo (his b-day is actually wednesday but i'll be in surgery so....) and tuesday i leave!! 

well there's my bombshell!  what's up with you guys?

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so i spent the entire of last weekend participating in an imago workshop called getting the love you want.  and it was hardcore, people.  lots of very serious thinking about past partners and past hurts and trying to do some healing so we can move on and find that right person!  suffice to say, i am exhausted.  and i was exhausted before i began, so even though i went to bed at 9 each night, i'm still feeling it.  damn you, three week cold!

what else?  i'm still working my way through lo:svu (nearly done with season 4) and still loving it.  it's hard to only watch one episode at a time....oh!  [ profile] surreallis  and [ profile] trillingstar , you'll be super glad to hear i had my first meloni-related dream this weekend too!  well done me!  except here it is: i was at a con and all of a sudden he was standing next to me and i said: um i just have to say i'm a little in love with you.  and dream!meloni got a little freaked out and i think i spent the rest of the dream trying to get him to see that i wasn't a stalker or inclined to steal his used kleenex but just an earnest fan.  i don't think it ever worked.  sigh.  what kind of a dream is that?   where's the walk-on role or the hot 'n heavy sessy or the married to meloni dream that i'm owed?  huh?  you'd think that being such a big fan and all, i'd get the good dreams.....crap.  maybe i just need to read more fic!

i've been beta-reading this really terrific story by [ profile] annerbhp  called down here among the wreckage and it's getting really, really good (it was already really good) and i love it!  i don't usually pimp wips that i'm beta'ing but this one is really so good.  super dark 'n angsty sg1 au the way it ought to be.  one of the best things about this au is that it is so well-rooted in canon.  it makes total sense and could absolutely happen.  [ profile] annerbhp  knows her team!  if you like sg1 angst you should check this one out! 

well i guess i should do some work.  or failing that, see what you guys have been up to!  what have you been doing lately?

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my roof is leaking.  

it is 12:30.  i'm exhausted and still sick and just want to sleep.  and the solar tube in my kitchen ceiling is dripping into a pan on the floor.  it is loud.  and tinny.  and i have no door on my bedroom to close.  

this sucks.

and it's totally harshing my post-coraline (so awesome btw) mellow.  


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at 7:30 this evening, after a long, sweet day of the zoo and costco (!) with my brother and nephews, i was so sleepy and cozy and i could have just set my alarm and gone to bed.  but no, i had to watch if lucy fell, which i loved when i first saw it way back in 1996 (best friend kink ho!) but certainly hasn't stood up to the test of time.  and then i thought: ok one ep of svu (1st of 4th season, i'm a maniac!) and then i thought: how about a bedtime story by [ profile] surreallis ?(damn girl i love the way you write!) and then oh look!  that website svufiction dot com has some stuff that might be worth looking at and now it's midnight on sunday, i'm wide awake, and all i want to do is stay up all night reading.   such is my life.  whatevs.

i missed the oscars--didn't even realize they were on tonight.  but that's not unusual, i never watch them.  i always feel vaguely uncomfortable with awards shows like someone's going to trip going up the stairs or forget to thank their mom or husband (hello hillary swank!) or be stupider than i want them to be.  and i'm really only in it for the gowns anyway.  but i did catch the youtubed intro with jackman and boy was that terrific!  i loved how stripped down it was--a really good-natured fun routine with no frills that made me laugh out loud and was, i thought, really respectful of the state of our economy.  it wasn't like it was pedantic--"hey we're a mess!  don't spend any money!  here's a brown paper bag to wear!"--but it wasn't an in your face hollywood has so much money they don't know what to do with it kind of thing either.  it was a romp and that's kind of what we need, don't you think?  and hugh jackman should win every award anyway because he's so incredibly sexy and marvelous and giggly and man he can sing.  "i'm wolveriiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!!" awesome.  

crap.  i should try to go to sleep. ha!  i can probably make it through another ep of svu before i get sleepy.   catch you all on bleary-eyed monday!

eta: saw this over at [ profile] sheafortherdon's lj (thanks, cate!) and had to post it here because it's been a while since our prez got some love from my journal, so here they are in all their glory----YES THIS IS OUR FUCKING PRESIDENT AND HIS AWESOME FIRST LADY!!!!!!!!! ARE THEY NOT BLESSED BY ANGELS??
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 i'm here in snowy black butte, oregon where it's not only the day of lurve but also the sesquicentennial of the state of oregon which is kinda cool and also the 16th annual winter olympics for my group of friends.  yes, this weekend marks the 16th time we've gathered as a group to party down, eat too much food, drink too much, play lots of music, and enjoy each other's company.  this year is a year of change since there are kids in the mix and no drugs (other than tylenol).  omg, we've gotten old!  we're in 2 houses this year instead of crammed into the one we've used for all these years and we have a nanny with us!  so it's a big set of changes but it's still full of good feeling and sweet moments.  

i've been living under a rock lately and it's really all [ profile] surreallis 's fault.  here's why: chris meloni.  damn him and his sinister charms!  i had to watch oz for days,nay weeks, straight but i've finally seen the entire series.  and it fucking blew my mind.  i am such a huge fan now.  and am scrounging for fic. there no dearth really but i'll take recs if anyone's got 'em! (and i'll read anything but i'm a sucker for keller/beecher, o'reilly/nathan, and schillinger/anyone) and now, sigh, i am embarking upon the epic that is svu.  yes.  i've fallen down the rabbit hole.   so if i'm not around for awhile again, you'll know why.  9 seasons, people.  9 fucking seasons to watch.  

and i can blame oz on missing all the other tv that's been happening lately.  i'm behind on 30 rock, lost, bsg, big bang theory.  i think there was new chuck and life and what else do i watch?  oh yeah bones!!!  i'm behind on bones.  i guess what i need is an extra couple hours in the day to fit it all in.  how sick is that?  i need more time in the day to watch all the stuff i love?  sicko!  also FUCK dollhouse started last night and i missed it because of spending time with my friends!  how lame is that?  spending time with people i love and adore when there's new jossverse to be watched?  man.  i have to get my priorities straight.   and don't tell me anything about it!  in the immortal words of sheldon from big bang theory: "i prefer to let him disappoint me in the order [it] was meant to be."  but i'm crossing my fingers.  it's joss and i will not let him down.  

well, let me close by saying again: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i hope everyone gets a little loving from those loved ones around you.  


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