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howdy dreamwidth denizens

i'm here. now what to do with all this stuff? i may need more shelves......

it's interesting--i sort of feel like i just jumped into a really deep, cold swimming pool. not sure how the dog paddling will go.

and of course, i'm la_tante hither and yon.
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enzo in the zoo sandbox

take a deep breath, please

look ma! i can pull myself up!

dreamy boy luca
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the season finale was so awesome!!!!!!!!!  please please please renew this show.  i will have real, true pain if that was really the end of it all. where did i read that schwartz thought fans should send nerds into nbc?  i might do it.  and i never do shit like that.  but for chuck i might.  i just might.  
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wow.  you guys.  just wow.  it is so very, very good.  the writing, the acting, the stories, the cinematography.  i'm loving it.   is there fic?  who's carrying?

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 sometimes, you know?  you just get that urge to hug your entire flist?  you guys!  i love you all!  just sayin'.

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i'm so back into law and order: svu.  seriously mainlining the show.  i can't turn it off.  damn you, netflix, and bless you too for instant viewing and for having the entire series online.  it makes my life so much easier and yet so much more sedentary!   the only thing i've done today other than watch episode after episode is shower (and troll for chris/marish rpf--sue me, i love it).  so at least i'm clean.  and watching meloni in a bathrobe seems like a good thing to do anyway. 

in other less silly news, my band solid state had our first little gig last night.  we played the birthday party of this woman i don't know, set up in the living room and rocked the house.  i was incredibly nervous but it was pretty awesome.  you know, if i do say so myself.  i only forgot lyrics in one song and covered admirably.  so admirably in fact that my band mates didn't even notice.   it was a fun night and now that i've got the first gig out of the way i feel ready to hit the bars.  i love my band!  if you want to check us out a teeny bit you can check out our myspace.  the songs are poorly recorded, just a digital recorder set in the middle of the basement where we practice and i had a cold (!), but you can get an idea of our sound at least.   and if you have a myspace feel free to friend us.  we could use all the help we can get.  /begging.

so that's me.  how are you guys?

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*hangs head*  ok maybe i take it back.   a little.

the big bang theory though just continues to be my go to lol show.  it is consistently hilariously funny and i'm totally in love with all the characters.  

also re: supernatural (of which i've been a quiet fan for a couple of years now)?  so awesome.  so very awesome.  and i kind of can't stand that this may be the end of it.  ew said both ackles and padalecki are agitating to quit the show soon. ugh.  imho, jensen ackles may be one of the prettiest men to ever work the small screen.  ymmv. 

also lost?  ooh delicious goodness!  i've been really enjoying this season but the last few eps have been stellar.  hurley was great in there's no place like hoth.  *eta: see how i made up my own name for the ep?  nice work, huh?  i know, i know, it's called some like it hoth.  but mine's not too shabby.

also southland is excellent.  i'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.  the same for parks and recreation.  i love amy poehler so much.  when she smiles that 1000 watt smile, you just know she'll win in the end.  or at least you hope.  and you know who i just adore from everwood?  chris pratt, so it's great to see him there.

also life finished up very well and if it's not renewed, it will be sad but i feel like i got a full meal deal with it.  

and the same for terminator tssc, although i will be more in the realm of devastated if that one's not renewed.  because it is so interesting and good and, after 2 seasons, that kid who plays john connor can bring it.

i missed dollhouse this weekend.  it seems to be hitting its stride which is nice and kind of a relief.  it would be heartbreaking to have another joss show pulled.  

chuck continues to slay me.  the story lines are preposterous, but it's so fun.  having scott bakula guest star was some of the most ingenious casting of any show ever.  and the supporting cast in general is comic gold.  

i have 3 eps to catch up on bones.  and that's my job for the evening.  i know, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.  don't worry.  i'll wash my hands before i handle the business....

30 rock.  jackie jormp-jomp.  for all that's holy, tina fey has one of the most brilliant minds in the universe.  come on!

i want to be watching castle and kings and fringe and cupid not to mention continuing my melonilove with svu, but so far haven't gotten my act together to add them in.  crazy since i'm not really watching much, right?  *giggle*  wouldn't an extra couple of hours a day for just watching tv be a fun add?

i guess that's it for the tv update on my end.  what are you watching?

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you guys.  i just ate (most of) my first hard-boiled egg since surgery and boy oh boy was it delicious!   progress!!  we are making progress!!

also i see that i have the nice round number of 700 messages hanging out here at ljland.   that feels worthy of noting. 
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so i hied myself over there and did one of them openid things (better late than never, i suppose).  and being the super-creative person i am, i'm la_tante there too.  and now i guess i, well hmmm.  i keep thinking i'd like to buy the membership if i can get one when it opens on the 30th.   but i'm not sure.    i feel like i worked pretty hard to create the community i have here and not sure if it makes sense to have 2 blogging identities on teh interweb. i realize many people do have that but it seems so complicated to me.  perhaps if i were invited to be a beta-tester, it might be a more pressing thing to do.  it is exciting and seems pretty damn cool and i like the idea of participating in something new and vaguely subversive.  tell me what you think, oh flisty mcflisters! 


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